Remo Masala, founder of vision alphabet

Remo Masala is the founder of vision alphabet, offering an exceptional combination of aesthetic and commercial instinct combined with strategic expertise. Traveling the world day in, day out, he can think his way into emerging markets, innovative products and new services. Thoughtful, creative and open to signals, Remo has the ability to detect the meaningful from the noise. His expertise in relevant consumer categories, and a continuous biography filled with success stories, he can be an invaluable force to get your next business venture off the ground.


Roald Sesemann, member of vision alphabet

Roald Sesemann is driving projects, dealing with transformation/redesign processes, developing commercial strategies. Having learned the hotel business from scratch, he combines a wealth of commercial and operational experience. Assignments and projects in various countries and regions, on several continents, and across industries, he can easily adapt to any and all circumstances. Making things happen, on time, on point and always focused on continuous commercial success.


Tobias Gaertner, member of vision alphabet

Tobias Gaertner steers marketing and branding at vision alphabet. Working hand in hand with entrepreneurs and hoteliers, he focuses on creating unique product offerings and establishing memorable brands. Having built brands, Tobias has developed a deep understanding of state- of-the-art marketing approaches and proven brand building techniques. From rich content to online marketing, Tobias excels in determining the right mix for each specific product and magnify marketing performance.


Anton Höfter, member of vision alphabet

Anton Höfter is working the numbers part and as such responsible for feasibility studies, business plans and investment scenarios – backing up strategies and projects witw solid financials. His experience comes from management consulting, insurance, and managing hotels and waterparks across Europe. He has an MBA from the University of Michigan.